World of Tanks Etiquette

When joining world of tanks, or any new game, you’ll quickly find that some of your play is berated as noobish without any particular explanation.  “You drove a medium up the Himmelsdorf hill? You twat!”

Some of these faux pas you’ll have to learn the hard way, but here are a few pointers on etiquette, expectations and unwritten rules that will make you a better and more courteous player.

Etiquette (for Pub Matches)

1. Don’t bump someone while they’re aiming. That throws off their aim and forces them to be exposed longer. If you do, they can by all rights shoot you instead. Generally, unless you have a good reason, don’t bump other people period.

The exception:

At some point you’re going to find yourself in a B1, KV-1, Churchill, or some other unwieldy monster, slowly getting off the line and plodding towards the site of the engagement.  When suddenly le wild medium tank starts grinding all up on your junk, and making unlubricated solicitation on your rear end.  You get all agro, stop, turn your turret menacingly towards the racially inferior medium tank, and let off a slew of profanities in chat.  Clearly you’re in the right, since only a 12 year old cunt would do something that annoying and childish…

…when actually, he was just being nice and giving you a push.  Tanks can go faster than your engine output will provide for. By pushing you, he’s contributing his own horsepower, and sacrificing time potentially spent shooting stuff to make sure you’re fat ass gets to the site of the engagement before it’s all decided.   Open up the chat box (Enter) and type “ty” (thank you).

2. Keep your team-mates avenue of retreat clear. Generally, it’s bad idea to stick your nose out where it can be shot, but that’s usually a necessity when you want to shoot someone else.  So if you see a team-mate poking his nose out in front of a rock, don’t pull up right behind him.  When the shells start flying he’s going to need a cozy and safe spot to reload.  (Hint: behind that rock) 

3. Don’t suicide, especially when you’re in the top 5 tanks in the battle.  Occasionally you may get the urge to shout LEROY JENKINS and charge out into the open. Try to resist that urge. There are correct times to do that and they usually happen mid battle when you have a clear idea of where the enemies are and you notice none of them are watching this particular open area.  But at the start of the match don’t go rushing out into a crossfire; your teammates are counting on you to maintain at least 3 healthy, living brain cells and make some positive contribution to winning the match.

4. Cede important strongpoints to your heavies.  On a number of maps there are important chokepoints, and only a few safe positions from which to guard them.  Now, it may be valuable to rush out there in your light tank and guard the spot early in the battle, but once the heavies arrive, let them have it.

a. Because they have a better chance of holding it.

b. Because there are better things you could be doing.

Try either getting into a spot where you can protect their flank, or finding a good avenue to flank the enemy.

5. Make yourself a useful corpse.  With a little experience you’ll come to realize that certain scenarios are hopeless and your death is imminent.  In those cases, have the grace to die well: use your last seconds to get in a good shot on the enemy and put yourself into a position to be a useful shield to your surviving teammates.

6. Know your place. While this may take a little experience and understanding, there are certain situations where what is expected of you is largely prescribed.  I’ll go into this in more details in the expectations section, but if you’re tank is a scout, do some actual scouting.

Etiquette (for Tank Companies)

1. Battle coms. If you’d like to discuss the minutia of the German tech tree, or how your mom never packs you what you want for lunch (She does that on purpose by the way. You’re just such a disappointment, and she want’s you too feel a little of what that’s like) it’s occasionally ok to do that while you’re waiting for a battle.  When the battle starts, however, and the person directing the company starts giving instructions, kindly shut the fuck up.   Once you have some expertise and you want to make a helpful suggestion, do it quickly and clearly.  If the commander chooses not to follow that suggestion, stick to the plan. You’ll appreciate the importance of that when you start calling battles.  It’s why even democratic countries don’t run their militaries like a democracy. Too many cooks and all that.

2. Don’t shit all over a bad call.  Once you get into clan wars, you can start getting all huffy over a loss, but in a normal TC the players are going to be of various calibers and calling abilities.  That means sometimes they’ll use the wrong battle plan. Sometimes they’ll even use the right battle plan, but the team will get schooled because the other team is just better.  Either way, don’t make them feel like shit over it. Swallow the loss and move on.

3. You’re not a real tank commander.  Starting a TC is one click of a button away for everybody.   If you want people to play with you, take turns calling the plays.  The most pathetic thing to see is when bad caller keeps insisting on making the calls – guaranteed you won’t play with that person again.